1) Race kit includes number plate, and Salty Race map.

2) Mandatory racer meeting now Online! Please go and watch.

3) Salty Dog starts 10:00 am at Klahani Park, U15 Salty Dog starts at 10:30 at 10th Avenue and 70th Street in the gravel area, and Salty Lil Pup starts at 11 and Salty Pup at 11:35.

4) UPC codes for timing. Salty Dog racers are responsible for their own timing, please make sure your number plate is scanned as you walk through the start/finish area.

5) Do not swap number plates, this creates timing issues. All racers are responsible for their own number plates, and no swapping of number plates. Swapping of number plates creates major data challenges for timing and may result in rider disqualification. Salty Dog event organizers can not guarantee official race results for any rider with the wrong race number plate.

6) All riders on course need a race number plate, you will be removed from the race course if you do not have a number plate.

7) Electric bikes are not permitted in any of the Salty Dog Enduro races.

8) Garbage cans, 1st aid stations, feed stations, and course marshals will be set up on course, see map for locations. Please don’t litter.

9) Please be polite to all race marshals & volunteers, they have a long day ahead of them.

10) This is not a points event! Please conduct yourself appropriately on the race course, people from the ages of 7-65 are racing. Please let faster riders pass and walk sections of the trail that you are not comfortable with.

11) Personal Race Day Tents can be set up in the racer area after 7:30am on Race Day. Tents set up before that time will very likely be removed to set up for the race.

12) Help each other out! If you see an injured rider, or experience an issue on course during the race please communicate to the next marshaling station.

13) Thank you to all the volunteers who helped with trail maintenance day!!!

14) Food Trucks will be set up at the event from 10:30 – 5:00.

15) See map for the location of 1st aid, BBQ, lunch/pit area, and bathroom location.

16) Parking only available in the gravel pit. Please do not park on the streets near the event, vehicles parked on the streets will be towed.

17) If riding on the streets, only ride single file out of respect for traffic laws, local neighbors and car traffic.

18) No dogs allowed at the race due to past issues. Please leave your favorite pooch at home.